WeAreOpen is a non-profit organisation, providing professional DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) services to companies in Hungary and beyond, based on its decade-long experience in the field. We work together with a coalition of companies and organisations, creating a meaningful social impact.

We believe that building an open workplace culture creates not only moral, but also business value. Open organisations, where employees are judged only on their actions and performance, are more successful and their employees are more engaged.
WeAreOpen's mission is to
reinforce the values of a diverse and inclusive workplace culture in the public sphere, providing visibility to companies leading the way in this field
actively contribute to making openness a fundamental part of the organisational operations of more and more companies in Hungary
regularly monitor and research the openness of Hungarian corporate culture and help companies understand their DEI maturity based on data.
Our Values: A Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Being an open workplace is not only the right thing to do but it also makes business sense. Diverse and inclusive organisations perform better, and their employees are happier. They attract and retain talent better, and are more creative and innovative. WeAreOpen not only aims to show to millions that openness is a value for organisations, but also supports companies to reach their goals to become more diverse and inclusive.
To date, more than 1,100 companies and organisations have joined WeAreOpen in Hungary to express their commitment to the manifesto:
The WeAreOpen Manifesto:
We are open. We treat everyone with the same respect. Regardless of their sex, age, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, politics, physical abilities, or any other distinguishing factor. The actions and accomplishments of each individual are what matter to us.We are open because it pays to be open; as a person, and as a business. Because open organisations are more successful and the people who work there are happier. Our mission is to demonstrate the value of openness to companies, employers, and employees alike. Join us!
What We Offer:
DEI Visibility, Capability Building and Measurement
WeAreOpen Services
1. Increasing the visibility of diversity and inclusion efforts inside and outside of the company
2. Supporting companies to build up diversity and inclusion capability
3. Measuring your company’s diversity and inclusion maturity
Our Journey to DEI: How WeAreOpen Came to Be
The journey from a passionate volunteer project to an emerging nonprofit social enterprise: this is where it all started. WeAreOpen was founded in 2013 by Prezi, espell and Google with a clear idea of promoting and helping organizations understand and experience the benefits of openness at the workplace. 1,100+ companies and organizations publicly joining WeAreOpen; 150+ public commitments from companies to improve gender equality at their workplace in a given year; 100+ CEOs, and many company groups attending Budapest Pride march to support LGBTQ inclusion; and hundreds of publicly shared videos and stories from well-respected public figures about why being open is a good thing and a value for both organizations and society.
companies and organisations joined WeAreOpen’s manifesto publicly
public campaigns for openness
companies were delivered with diversity and inclusion-related services
publicly shared videos and stories created from well-respected public figures about why being open is a good thing and a value for both organisations and society
Through the years we have worked together with dozens of academics, researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, public figures, bloggers, artists, entertainers and many others to fulfill our core mission of openness. Along the way, we managed to create a real-life community – the OPEN Community – formed by our founders, members, partners, advocates and supporters.
Nóra Várady
Balázs Rákóczi
Andrea Vági
Márton Beck
Strategic Advisor
Judit Radnai-Tóth
Strategic Advisor
Eszter Batiz
Strategic Advisor & Consultant
Zsuzsa László
Diversity and Inclusion Expert
Ádám András Kanicsár
Social Media Manager
András Kallós
Strategic Advisor
Nóra Radó
Zsuzsanna Garaj
Project Manager, Researcher
Board of Directors
Helga Sásdi
Chair of WeAreOpen Board, CEO, Publicis Groupe Hungary
Péter Árvai
Prezi, CEO and co-founder
Miklós Bán
espell, CEO
Richárd Schuster
Google, Head Of Strategy and Operations, EMEA Communications
Advisory Committee
Krisztina Bombera
Owner, CauseArt Platform, Broadcast Anchor
Boglárka Joó
Legal & Transactions Manager, Skanska
András Kohl
Head of Finance Business Services, Tesco
György Nagy
Country Manager, Sigma Technology Hungary
Csaba Szende
Director, Business Operations, Delivery Hero Europe
How WeAreOpen Helps Organizations Achieve their DEI Goals
Prezi coded diversity in from the beginning, as being inclusive is not just the morally right thing to do but it has a lot of benefits. You think more creatively, you see things from varied perspectives. Companies with higher levels of diversity achieve better financial returns than the industry median.
Péter Árvai
As the maker of products used by billions of people every day, we see DEI as a core responsibility. To deliver, we're focused on the areas where we can have the greatest impact: building belonging at work, in our products, and in society. A world where everyone belongs is one we can only build together. We are grateful for what we've learned from our partners, and hopeful that in sharing it, we can help others accelerate their progress as well.
Pál Bíró
Diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in everything that we do. The diversity of our colleagues is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. At Citi, we are building a place where the best talent wants to work and where people can reach their full potential.
Veronika Spanarova
WeAreOpen was a game changer for us to fully and publicly embrace D&I because it opened a door for us to get better. To set standards and to invite our team to hold the management and their colleagues responsible to stay true to our values. Sometimes it’s hard because some issues are complex and just hard to deal with overall. But the very conversations, the debate, thinking together makes it worth the while.
Miklós Bán
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