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Open Talks
The business and moral case for diversity
Why is it Worth Investing in DEI?
It is a well-documented fact that diversity at the workplace increases financial performance, boosts creativity and innovation, and contributes to talent attraction and retention. Furthermore, employees generally feel better, happier and more loyal. Being open is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes business sense - on every level. This session explores the business case for diversity and inclusion in Hungary.
Nóra Várady
Working Parents
Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes Related to Parenting
Work-life policies, designed initially by men for men, haven’t changed over the years. Today, women who want to align their goals and ambition in motherhood are rejecting the status quo and demanding change. Why are stereotypes related to parenting harmful for the business? What should be changed in organisations in order to break down these?
Beáta Nagy
Corvinus University
Hidden Stories: Coming Out at Work
Support Your LGBTQ+ Coworkers
LGBTQ+ workers face many challenges when looking for a job or trying to integrate into a workplace community. Most of them hide their identity at the workplace. This identity struggle has harmful impacts on their health, happiness, and productivity. This session explores how a company can support its LGBTQ+ employees and build an inclusive culture.
Tamás Dombos
Háttér Society
Ways co-workers can support LGBTQ+ colleagues at the workplace
The Importance of Allyship
This talk is designed to equip coworkers with the knowledge, empathy, and strategies needed to become genuine allies in the workplace. Participants will hear about the importance of understanding and respecting diverse identities and experiences, and proactively challenging discriminatory behaviors to create inclusive and supportive work environments for LGBTQ+ colleagues.
Ádám Kanicsár
LGBTQ journalist and activist
Where’s the Woman’s Place? - Women in Pop Culture
Breaking Gender Barriers and Celebrating Women
What exactly is the female gaze: how do women see the world behind the lens? This OPEN Talk is all about gender balance, and most of all the representation of women and the female perspective in visual and popular culture. The event will feature a handful of fascinating, original, and provocative creative content and arts to demonstrate how pop culture can either challenge or uphold gender stereotypes.
Veronika Hermann
Eötvös Loránd University
Addressing Workplace Violence And Toxicity
Creating A Safer Work Environment
Did you know that worldwide, 1 out of 5 employees and a staggering 3 out of 5 female employees have experienced some form of violence at work? We all share the common desire: to work and thrive in an environment free from drama and danger. So, how do we tackle this issue head-on? How do we identify toxicity in our workplaces, and more importantly, what can we do to foster a healthier, safer work environment? With years of experience under my belt, having conducted hundreds of business ethics cases, I'm here to shed light on this crucial topic. Together, we'll explore the signs of toxicity, from subtle microaggressions to outright unlawful behavior, uncover the underlying causes and dynamics and arm ourselves with the tools needed to create positive change.
Nikolett Suha
Lawyer, human rights and anti-discrimination expert
Let's Learn How to Collaborate Effectively!
Four Generations — One Workplace — Different Communication Cultures
While avoiding misleading stereotypes and focusing on the youth, the presentation endeavors to shed light on the defining characteristics of different generations. Specifically exploring the field of communication, the focus is on understanding and addressing the complexities associated with bridging generational gaps. Participants will gain valuable insights into how effective communication strategies can contribute to harmonious collaboration within a multigenerational workforce.
Adam Guld Dr.
University of Pécs
Exploring Varied Experiences in the Modern Workplace
Embracing Diversity Across Generations
This talk will focus on the following key topics: real or perceived barriers and misunderstandings between generations working together in the workplace, how to develop an independent vision free of generational stereotypes, and the creation of a 'multigenerational culture' specific to the workplace, and the team working together, which is both a more effective way of working and a motivating and supportive human experience.
László Léder
ELTE, Semmelweis University
Media Representation and Racism
Creating Awareness for the Roma Community
Meet the award-winner documentary filmmaker and executive director of the Romedia Foundation who will share stories about modern racism and lead you through the process of creating awareness of Roma inclusion.
Katalin Bársony
Romedia Foundation
Open Talk, Open Minds
Navigating Relationship Diversity in Personal and Professional Lives
n this talk the speaker will provide an overview of relationship diversity, highlighting how various forms of relationships fit into modern social and corporate norms. We will discuss the historical traditions and purposes of these relationships, their legal and cultural significance, and the contemporary manifestations of cohabitation. Additionally, we will explore how these forms of relationships may affect employees' interactions with each other and influence corporate culture. Participants will learn about the benefits and challenges of diversity and how it can promote equality and openness in the workplace.
Sebastian Haas
Psychologist, couple and family therapist
Promoting LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Professional Environments
Allies in Workplaces
The focus of this talk is on examining ways to foster a workplace that values and prioritizes diversity. From understanding the nuances of gender identity and sexual orientation to building allyship, the talk offers practical insights and tools to create an inclusive environment where all employees feel respected and supported. The speaker will take us on a journey toward a workplace culture that goes beyond tolerance and embraces the richness of LGBTQ+ identities.
Mónika Magasházi
Independent trans rights activist
Navigating the Professional Landscape with Disabilities
Personal Story
Join us for an inspiring talk by Zoli Fenyvesi, an extraordinary person who has not only triumphed over the challenges of living with a disability but has also become a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In this engaging session, Zoltán will share his journey from an integrated school to participating in prestigious marathons like the NYC and Berlin Marathon. This talk is a must-attend for anyone interested in understanding the power of resilience, the impact of inclusivity on team dynamics, and the steps organizations can take to create a workplace that values and embraces diversity in all its forms.
Zoltán Fenyvesi
Speaker, Content Creator
Dad Wednesdays
A DEI Talk on Work and Family from a Father’s Perspective
This event is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by fathers in the workplace. The speaker will discuss ways organizations can create a supportive environment for fathers, promoting a more inclusive workplace culture that values both personal and professional dimensions of employees' lives. The speaker will share personal anecdotes and experiences, addressing the unique difficulties fathers often face while juggling family responsibilities and career aspirations.
András Kertész
Kertész Communications
Father Academy
Supporting Fathers
One of the most important questions of active fatherhood is how to reconcile this new role with workplace performance and expectations. Experience shows that employers who support the development of an active fatherhood role attract well-balanced, loyal, and motivated employees. This talk will highlight some of the benefits of supporting fathers like a powerful motivational tool, a more balanced leadership performance, and burnout prevention.
Lászó Léder
ELTE, Semmelweis University
Excelling in Multicultural Workplaces
From Awareness to Action
This talk focuses on the dynamics of multicultural work environments. The speaker will explore the pivotal aspects of cultural awareness and appreciation, effective communication strategies in diverse teams, and practical solutions to address cultural barriers. This session aims to equip participants with the insights needed to foster inclusivity, enhance team performance, and thrive in today's diverse workplace.
Gábor Holch
Coach, author and speaker

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Our Speakers and Facilitators who we Believe Are the Best in Business
Orsolya Temesvári
Lawyer, resilience trainer, speaker for D&I in a wheelchair
Orsolya Temesvári survived a serious injury, leaving her paralyzed and forcing her into a wheelchair. Survival turned her attention to trauma, resilience, and opportunities for growth as a person with a disability. Her mission is to teach others to turn their physical and/or mental boundaries into opportunities. Orsolya combines work experience from a multinational organization with her current life challenges to provide a special perspective on disability, diversity, and development. She’s fully engaged in the conversation about advocating for the disabled within the workplace.
Zsuzsa László
Diversity and Inclusion Expert
Zsuzsa László is a trainer in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Intercultural Communication, Conflict Management, Communication and Leadership Development. She regularly works in the business sector and for civil and public organizations. She designs training materials related to D&I, DEI and Intercultural Communication. From 2016 she is certified ICF business coach working in the business and non-profit sector.
Beáta Nagy
Professor, BCE
Beáta Nagy is a professor at Corvinus University of Budapest. She earned master degrees in sociology and economic sciences in 1986, received the doctoral degree in sociology in 1996, and the habilitation doctorate in 2008. In 2001 she was co-founder of the Centre for Gender and Culture.
Ádám Kanicsár
LGBTQ journalist and activist
Ádám András Kanicsár is an LGBTQ journalist and activist, a regular contributor to WMN, HVG and Humen Magazine, and has also published articles in Jelen, Glamour, NLC, ELLE and Kreatív. He is a communications and marketing professional, podcast host, regular talk show host at Sziget Festival and Madhouse, speaker for WeAreOpen and often moderator of film screenings, round tables and book launches.
Declan Hannigan
Lead Trainer at Grund Essentials
Declan Hannigan has been training in applied improvisation for 12 years and has worked internationally with blue chip companies across the region and beyond. As an actor you can see him on all your streaming platforms with the likes of Charlize Theron and Jared Harris.
Andrew Hefler
Performing artist-Director-Moderator-Screenwriter-VO-Impro & communication trainer.
Andrew Hefler has been designing training based on improvisation techniques for 17 years. He is a director, trainer, working in theatre, music, film and television for nearly thirty years.
Veronika Hermann
Assistant Professor at Eötvös Loránd University
Veronika Hermann is Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Communication at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. She holds MA degrees in Hungarian Literature, Comparative Literature and Media Studies, and obtained her PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies in 2015. Her research interest covers Cold War popular culture, contemporary and 20th century Eastern European popular culture, relations between socialism and nationalism, and structures of social history in literary and media texts. She has publications and she lectures in Hungarian and English. Her first book Identity politics in literature was published in 2020.
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