Open Spotlight Award
WeAreOpen's International Awards to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion
We launched the OPEN Spotlight Award in 2019 to shine the spotlight on organisations that have gone through an inspiring journey in which they worked for diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to draw the attention to organisations, projects and people who lead by example to start positive changes on a large scale.
Nominations to the awards will be accepted again soon. The written proposals are screened and considered by an international jury. Award winners are selected based on a rigorous set of criteria.
The Impact of Sharing Your Story
Awarded nominations serve as inspiration for many other organisations
The winners will be announced and will get their Award at the Award Ceremony where they will have the opportunity to present their awarded stories to the WeAreOpen Community.
The award is an important indicator of your organisation’s DEI maturity and will strengthen your employer brand.
Open Spotlight Award Categories
Engine of Change Award:
stories of people who drove an organisation toward greater openness and inspire others to make a change
 Organisation Award:

groups of people who have made significant contributions to their local community or company culture with diversity in their focus
Diverse and Inclusive 
Company of the Year Award:

a company that has made significant steps towards an open and inclusive corporate culture, inspiring others to do the same
Excellence in 
Belonging Award:

stories and best practices that show how inclusion and belonging contribute to a more open corporate culture and how brands can contribute to a more realistic representation of people with minority backgrounds
Celebrity of the Year:

celebrities with diversity and inclusion in their focus, driving positive change in the country
Open Spotlight Award Timeline

Is Coming Soon
Nominations close
Shortlist announced
Pitch event (in person)
Awards ceremony
• Businesses, small and large alike, and experts from a wide variety of backgrounds (creative industry, architecture, communications, etc.) are qualified for nomination. We accept nominations from Europe.
• Click on "Apply for Open Spotlight Award" and fill the details requested in the form.
• Fill in the details as per the instructions provided.
• Case studies submitted for the OPEN Spotlight Award must be in English.
• Send any questions you may have to

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