Open Backstage
Experience the Best of Diversity and Inclusion at OPEN Backstage: A Unique Event Series for the OPEN Community
OPEN Backstage, launched in 2019, brings the WeAreOpen community together with a variety of engaging performances and infotainment programs around diversity and inclusion. With this event series, we touch upon many different topics, such as gender equality, LGBTQ+ inclusion, mental health awareness, roma people and other minorities and people with disabilities.
We Cover a Wide Spectrum of Diversity & Inclusion Topics
This regular event series aims to cover specific topics related to DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging):
People with disabilities: awareness, acceptance, education
Roma people and other minorities: racism,
unconscious bias
Gender equality: female empowerment, leadership
LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace
Mental health awareness
Role models
Get Ready for an Extraordinary
As part of the OPEN Backstage experience, we organise:
Film screenings
Book and magazine launches
Theater and improvisational performances
Music, poetry, and spoken word acts
Round table discussions
Science, arts and culture presentations
Inspirational talks
How to Attend
OPEN Backstage events are free of charge, but online registration is required. Some seats may be available for the wider public, however, since 90+% of the seats at OPEN Backstage events go to WeAreOpen’s member companies, if you would like to make sure that you and your colleagues can attend future OPEN Backstage events, we kindly encourage you to ensure your company has joined as a member.

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