Unconscious Bias Workshop
Understanding everyday bias in the workplace.
In today's diverse workplace, understanding and addressing unconscious bias is essential for fostering an inclusive culture. Join us to explore practical strategies, gain valuable insights, and create a more equitable environment for all.

This workshop offers a transformative journey towards fostering equity, diversity, and inclusivity through interactive excercises. The workshop is designed to navigate the intricate landscape of unconscious biases, illuminating the subtle yet impactful ways they permeate our thoughts, decisions, and interactions with others. Through an interactive exploration, participants will delve into the psychological roots of biases, understanding why they exist, and learning effective strategies to mitigate their influence in both personal and professional spheres.

The workshop aims to foster a more equitable and inclusive environment by empowering individuals to recognize, challenge, and transform their innate biases, thus contributing positively to their relationships and the communities they are part of.
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Discover the Key Benefits of Our Unconscious Bias Workshop
Inclusive Decision-Making
Learning to navigate biases enables leaders and team members to make decisions that honor diversity and promote equal opportunities, while leveraging diverse perspectives for effective collaboration & innovation.
Fostering Inclusive Working Culture
Addressing how to create a more inclusive workplace culture where all employees feel valued and respected, leading to higher morale, increased employee engagement, and lower turnover rates.
Fueling Creative and Innovative Collaborations
By curbing biases, the workshop inspires participants to forge innovative partnerships, encouraging them to merge diverse ideas and experiences, thus sparking creativity and paving the way for groundbreaking collaborative projects and solutions.
Addressing unconscious bias helps organizations mitigate the risk of discrimination lawsuits and regulatory penalties, ensuring compliance with anti-discrimination laws and creating a fair and equitable workplace for all employees
Your Facilitator: Zsuzsa Laszlo
Zsuzsa Laszlo is a leading diversity and inclusion trainer in WeAreOpen, and her expertise also spans intercultural competence development, communication and conflict management, leadership, and intercultural conflict. She has extensive experience as a trainer, having worked in both the Hungarian and international spheres throughout her career. Zsuzsa also designs training materials related to DEI and intercultural communication. She has been a certified ICF business coach since 2016. She has been working in the NGO and corporate sector for more than 20 years and is currently a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology at ELTE University of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary.
“We really enjoyed WeAreOpen’s workshop on unconscious biases. We did it with the whole team and despite of the fact that we like to believe that we are very open and inclusive, we learnt that all of us have biases. Since we are more aware of these now, we can hopefully interact with others even better than before. Besides the fact that it was informative, the workshop was also a lot of fun and a team building activity.”

Yvette Szepesi
Deputy Head of Mission
Netherlands Embassy in Hungary
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