DEI Audit
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WeAreOpen offers a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Audit to benchmark the maturity of companies’ efforts regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion across a wide range of functional areas. Measuring where you stand at can help your organisation optimise DEI strategies and activities. The Audit starts with a 2-hour session with the company's management team, involving leaders from HR, Marketing, Communications, Finance, Sourcing and many more areas. After the Audit, our team of experts will create an evaluation and indicate the DEI maturity level of your organization and provide you with a tailor-made action plan.

The Audit will measure the following areas:

DEI Framework
Strategic planning
Organizational Culture
HR Policies, Processes, Benefits
Product Development

Senior Leadership

External Engagement
Clients, Customers, Service UsersCommunity Engagement

Based on the Audit you will get a detailed picture of the DEI maturity of your organisation overall and also disected by the above functional areas. The functional areas follow the ones used in the Open Survey, therefore the Audit and the Survey can very well complement each other.

Find out more about our DEI Audit service by downloading our comprehensive introduction.
Discover the Key Benefits of Our DEI Audit Service and Enhance Your Company's Culture
When you understand which maturity stage you’re in, you can focus on the suitable activities to make progress
A DEI Audit can help you identify the areas that need improvement like employee well-being, fixing your brand’s reputation, etc. Making big DEI decisions without identifying your maturity level can lead to failure
The audit can encourage leaders to do some “soul-searching” and ensure their buy-in for further DEI efforts based on moral, business and compliance arguments
The Audit can be accompanied with a Strategic Action Plan that will help your organisation define and streamline DEI efforts based on its present maturity
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