Diversity Policy and Strategy Making
Create or Localise Your Company's DEI Policy or Strategy with Our Expertise
Create a workplace that encourages and supports equity, fairness and eliminates all forms of discrimination. It is fundamental for your brand identity, overall messaging, employer brand and employee engagement. Having worked with dozens of corporate clients, we help you create your own policy or to localise your company’s global diversity policy to the Hungarian market. A meaningful DEI policy also paves the way for a strategy that will put your vision into action.
How a DEI Policy or Strategy Can Help Your Company Thrive
Creating a DEI policy or strategy can be an effective way to set the tone for your company. It lets your customers, stakeholders, current employees and candidates know what your company’s intentions and goals are for DEI and how you plan to reach them.
Creating a diversity policy and strategy will:
• increase your talent acquisition and retention rate
• lead to more product innovation
• enhance your employer brand
• create additional business value, such as greater profitability
• increase the wellbeing of your employees
Our Service Includes the Following Elements
Kick-off: Understanding your Company’s DEI Maturity
We start the policy or strategy making process with a 1-hour-long interview with HR. The aim of this session is to map and evaluate current D&I policies, processes and culture.
Leadership Workshop and Audit: Understanding your Company and Personal Values to Meet Your Company's Needs
The Leadership Workshop is a 2-hour-long session with your management team, where we go through your employer vision, company values, personal motivators, and define the commitment to diversity and inclusion you would like to make.
DEI Policy/Strategy Writing: Creating a Policy/Strategy that Aligns with Your Company's Values
During this phase we develop your D&I Policy or Strategy based on the audit workshop.
DEI Policy/Strategy Review: Ensure Your Policies Meet Industry Standards
It is important to measure the success of your diversity and inclusion efforts as well as your D&I Policy. Therefore, we suggest that we revisit your objectives and key KPIs every year to see where you need to improve.
A Proven Methodology to
Creating Effective DEI Policies
We work with a methodology that makes you capable of achieveing lasting results and increase the diversity of your workforce.
A Diversity and Inclusion Policy contains your organisation's:
• Values and commitment to diversity and inclusion (diversity statement, guiding principles)
• D&I Initiatives
• Community programmes
• Diversity practices
A Diversity and Inclusion Strategy contains:
• your company’s values and commitment to diversity and inclusion (diversity statement, guiding principles)
• your current DEI-related processes, programmes and practices (the status quo)
• clear goals for a period of approximately 2 years
• objectives, actions, accountables and measures assigned to each one of the above goals.
Hear from Our Satisfied Clients
At BT, it is an integral part of our culture to create an accepting environment where our colleagues feel comfortable, regardless of gender, race or culture. In recent years, we have consciously built communities that have helped us to engage and support our colleagues in the process of inclusion and acceptance, and to live this as a core social value independent of the company. This vibrant community life, with very strong leadership support, helps us every day to maintain and develop a highly inclusive environment.
Barbara Berentés
At Sigma Technology, we have never thought about why we need to be open and inclusive. We don't have quotas or target ratios to demonstrate our openness to the outside world. On the one hand, we are software developers, technical writers and graphics designers, part of a team in Budapest for a technical services company with a Swedish background. On the other hand, we are human: it is only natural that we treat other people as we would like to be treated.
György Nagy
Sigma Technology
At Vodafone, we make a conscious effort every day to build a truly diverse and inclusive company culture, so that all our employees feel safe and secure and that all talents have room to flourish. I believe that in an inclusive workplace, we can not only be more balanced, but also more successful together. I am extremely proud of my colleagues for being partners in this.
Áron Berkes
As the maker of products used by billions of people every day, we see DEI as a core responsibility. To deliver, we're focused on the areas where we can have the greatest impact: building belonging at work, in our products, and in society. A world where everyone belongs is one we can only build together. We are grateful for what we've learned from our partners, and hopeful that in sharing it, we can help others accelerate their progress as well.
Pál Bíró
WeAreOpen was a game changer for us to fully and publicly embrace D&I because it opened a door for us to get better. To set standards and to invite our team to hold the management and their colleagues responsible to stay true to our values. Sometimes it’s hard because some issues are complex and just hard to deal with overall. But the very conversations, the debate, thinking together makes it worth the while.
Miklós Bán
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