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DEI services offer for projects with institutional (grant) funding 
Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) is an increasingly important component of institutional funding applications (grants) submitted to various regional and international donors.

Either as a standalone criterion or as a sub-category, a properly developed and well-integrated DEI dimension can be the ultimate kingmaker in a highly competitive space, accounting for five to ten percent of the total awarded points. 

However, actors seeking institutional funding (grants) often:
- lack the sufficient knowledge and know-how relevant to DEI considerations or 
- might have the DEI knowledge but fail to integrate it successfully into their concept.

‍As a solution, We Are Open (WaO) offers high-quality professional DEI services for actors applying for institutional funding (grants) or already implementing grant-funded projects. For a full list of services, click the download link below.


Thank you for choosing us:
"As the maker of products used by billions of people every day, we see DEI as a core responsibility. To deliver, we're focused on the areas where we can have the greatest impact: building belonging at work, in our products, and in society. A world where everyone belongs is one we can only build together. We are grateful for what we've learned from our partners, and hopeful that in sharing it, we can help others accelerate their progress as well."

Pal Biro, Head of Google Hungary
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